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  • He would find it amusing to do things that other students would not even attempt.
  • If you opened your mouth you'd better have something amusing to say.
  • So we came up with the idea of making death amusing.
  • The president was later told about his mistake and found it very amusing.
  • Some of the letters on this subject between the two are amusing.
  • We would discuss something amusing that happened to one friend or another and then get to work.
  • Security guards found it amusing at first but it was removed shortly after.
  • He captured them in revenge but took pity on them when he found them amusing.
  • To these he usually added amusing text intended to further enhance their appeal.
  • Intended as an amusing history of the world, it later becoming an important source for several popular works of the period.
  • It is not clear whether this is a true story, but it may have been found amusing at the time.
  • They accept the offer, and run into some amusing situations on the way.
  • She finds him completely amusing and eventually falls for him.
  • He found it amusing to be called "a legend in his own time".
  • An amusing story about a man and his unruly top hat that changes form.
  • Sometimes I told him amusing stories to cheer him up, sometimes we talked about politics.
  • White has a tendency to write amusing scenes instead of telling a story.
  • Hedren later said that it was both very amusing and strange working for him.
  • She says that he is amusing himself with her.
  • People found this amusing as they would often wonder how much better he would have been had his eyesight been better.
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Root form of amusing is amuse for the verb.

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Meaning of amusing

  • verb Occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion
    The play amused the ladies
  • verb Make (somebody) laugh
    The clown amused the children