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  • He was one of ten children and his parents could not provided amply for all of them.
  • Amply provided for by his father, he devoted his early years to writing.
  • In regard to money she was provided for so amply that money did not matter to her. Cited from An Eye for an Eye, by Anthony Trollope
  • What you have just said is amply sufficient to account for everything. Cited from The Cruise of the Thetis, by Harry Collingwood
  • They were yet amply content with their task and their position there. Cited from The Texan Scouts, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • His turn would come, and it should be amply given him. Cited from Marcella, by Mrs. Humphry Ward [AKA: Mary Augusta Arnold Ward]
  • If so, you will find it amply sufficient for your use. Cited from Crayon and Character: Truth Made Clear Through Eye and Ear, by Griswold
  • We were generally amply fed, in order that our strength might be kept up. Cited from Ned Garth, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • And he did so for what to him were amply sufficient reasons. Cited from The Great Taboo, by Grant Allen
  • She is amply provided for, though the business this side of the world cannot be settled in some time. Cited from A Little Girl in Old Salem, by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • Those mills are too well known for me to describe them more amply. Cited from The Art of Making Whiskey, by Anthony Boucherie
  • The queen said, that if she did so she should be amply rewarded. Cited from Flowers from a Persian Garden and Other Papers, by W. A. Clouston
  • And that they do become so, their appearance amply shows. Cited from The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844, Frederick Engels
  • And she was not simple, as the least glance from her deep eyes amply showed. Cited from That Affair Next Door, by Anna Katharine Green
  • Well, a town always exists just where it does exist for some good and amply sufficient reason. Cited from Science in Arcady, by Grant Allen
  • Food and water had been amply provided, when the blessing was least expected. Cited from The South Sea Whaler, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • By this act he had saved himself and his property, which was amply sufficient for his support. Cited from The Lady of the Ice, by James De Mille
  • That this is true the past four months have amply proved. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Jan 9, 1915, Vol. 1
  • In curious operations, known only to a few, we may suppose the artist was amply paid. Cited from An History of Birmingham (1783), by William Hutton
  • Four amply-measured feet between the two points of its edge. Cited from The Harvard Classics, Vol. 49, Epic and Saga, Ed. by Charles W. Eliot
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Meaning of amply

  • adverb To an ample degree or in an ample manner
    these voices were amply represented, we benefited richly
  • adverb Sufficiently; more than adequately
    the evidence amply (or fully) confirms our suspicions, they were fully (or amply) fed