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  • He shows that power over an individual can be amplified by the presence of a group.
  • There's no way that people can band together to amplify a message.
  • I will explain somewhat of my notes, but not enough so they could amplify them. Cited from The Boy Scouts in Front of Warsaw, G. Durston
  • Human activities might include voice, noise from amplified sound systems, or animal noise.
  • "Why does a woman ever do anything for another woman?" she asked herself, amplifying her first thought. Cited from The Way of Ambition, by Robert Hichens
  • Human activities might include voice, amplified sound systems or animal noise.
  • These devices amplify sound, making it possible for many children to hear spoken words and develop language.
  • They also control electric current as they can turn it on off, or even amplify signals.
  • So the signal is amplified along its direction of travel only.
  • "This will do for a start, sir; we will amplify on the march!" Cited from On the Heels of De Wet, by The Intelligence Officer
  • His agent returns and amplifies the general reports, but he has no new facts. Cited from The Little Lady of Lagunitas, Richard Henry Savage
  • No background noise should be present or, if not possible, the voice should be amplified.
  • The next plate does the same, thus amplifying the signal more at each plate.
  • Their psychic powers have also been amplified, allowing them to see the future.
  • Under certain conditions it can increase the power of an electrical signal, amplifying it.
  • I will amplify on my own account, and lay down that what is true of the parts must be true of the whole. Cited from The Cook's Decameron, by Mrs. W. G. Water
  • He advocated the use of amplified music in church, including rock music.
  • Lord then uses a device to amplify his mind control powers to unprecedented levels.
  • The album featured a slightly more mainstream sound that amplified the band's audience.
  • They will pick up your reaching thought, amplify it with their power, beam it north. Cited from Star Born, by Andre Norton
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Meaning of amplify

  • verb Increase the volume of
    amplify sound