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  • It is semi-amplexicaul, with the lower wings being slightly expanded.
  • The base is semi-amplexicaul and decurrent into a pair of wings.
  • The specific name refers to the amplexicaul leaves (leaves grasping the stem).
  • It has an acute apex and its base is gradually attenuate and amplexicaul.
  • The alternate leaves are nearly sessile and may clasp the stem (i.e. amplexicaul).
  • It usually has an acute apex and is gradually attenuate towards the base, extending into an amplexicaul sheath.
  • Upper leaves are sessile, amplexicaul (their base is embracing the stem) and more lanceolate.
  • The leaves are amplexicaul and can be either radical (basal) or cauline.
  • The lamina may be gradually or abruptly contracted towards the amplexicaul base, which clasps the stem for around half of its circumference.
  • Basal leaves are usually arranged in a rosette of toothed leaves, while cauline leaves are just a few and smaller, more or less undivided and amplexicaul.
  • It has an acute to sub-peltate apex and an amplexicaul base.
  • The laminar base is amplexicaul, clasping the stem and giving it a subperfoliate appearance.
  • The leaves are opposite, unstalked but not amplexicaul, lanceolate and toothed, rounded at the base, long.
  • Its base is a broad, amplexicaul sheath with decurrent margins.
  • Its apex is rounded to acute, while the base is amplexicaul and cordate, encircling the stem.
  • It is generally winged and bears a partly amplexicaul sheath that clasps the stem for two-thirds to three-quarters of its circumference.
  • The half amplexicaul petiole is up to 5 millimeters long.
  • The slender stems are woody and the leaves are bright green, cordate, amplexicaul, long and wide, forming a dense attractive foliage.
  • The petiole is canaliculate, semi-amplexicaul, and slightly decurrent down the stem.
  • It is gradually attenuate towards the base, becoming partly amplexicaul (clasping the stem for one-third to half of its circumference) and, rarely, slightly decurrent.
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