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  • They mate in an amplex position, and the female toad returns to the location to lay her eggs by the water.
  • The Amplex's most distinctive feature was its valveless motor, which the company claimed would offer more continuous pulling power and greater reliability.
  • The title track was originally called "Horrible Breath" and was written as a proposed television jingle for Amplex Tablets.
  • The American Bullfrog has a tendency to prey on males during their mating calls, and will attack toads while they are in amplex thereby preventing reproduction rates in the population.
  • In the clean energy sector, Aarhus is home to leading participants including Vestas, AVK, Amplex and Kamstrup.
  • Gillette Motor Co took over the Amplex manufacturing facilities in 1916, but refused to manufacture conventional engine-valving, persisting with a rotary Sleeve valve engine.
  • With frequent tour dates the team expanded to include Lenny, a longtime sidekick of Glamma G (both had worked together on Amplex Sound System from Spanish Town) and later Dwayne, Worm and Skinny.