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  • Certain projects of a much ampler sort have already been put forward. Cited from Anticipations, by Herbert George Wells
  • They will be found ampler than has been supposed, and in widely different sources. Cited from Complete Prose Works, by Walt Whitman
  • Their language has become ampler because now they read. Cited from Anticipations, by Herbert George Wells
  • He will already have honour in his university and ampler means. Cited from Love and Mr. Lewisham, by H. G. Wells
  • Soon these proved too small for them, and they had to seek ampler quarters outside the walls. Cited from The History of England, by T.F. Tout
  • She felt that she had mounted one step higher on the stage of development, and gained an ampler view. Cited from Port of Adventure, by Charles N. Williamson and Alice M. Williamson
  • If his Majesty should proceed to ampler information, causes enough would be found. Cited from Rise of the Dutch Republic, 1563-64 by Motley
  • It is in his ampler body of powerful work that I find his superiority. Cited from Selections from the Prose Works of Matthew Arnold, by Matthew Arnold
  • All things desire life; all things seek for energy, and fuller and ampler being. Cited from Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Froude
  • In two centuries and a half his country has acquired ampler dominion than the Roman gained in ten. Cited from The Fifteen Decisive Battles of The World, Creasy
  • He moves with a more certain step in an ampler field. Cited from Latin Literature, by J. W. Mackail
  • This side of the question deserves, in my opinion, in these days ampler attention and research. Cited from Iranian Influence on Moslem Literature, Part I, by M. Inostranzev
  • The differences were chiefly such as were incident to ampler means and better service. Cited from Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, by Lew Wallace
  • He had ampler opportunities than any of his previous works afforded. Cited from Wagner, by John F. Runciman
  • All things desire life, seek for energy, and fuller and ampler being. Cited from Froude's Essays in Literature and History, by James Froude
  • Under the light of this conception, man appeared an ampler being. Cited from Is Life Worth Living?, by William Hurrell Mallock
  • You have inherited her beauty on a larger, ampler scale, and the time will come for lovers. Cited from The Testing of Diana Mallory, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • With increased knowledge and much ampler means of communication trans-African travel now presents few difficulties. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • Is it the duty of a government to make ampler provision for the literary writers of the nation? Cited from Debate Index, by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  • We can readily infer from it what he might have done with ampler means, and what he must often have wished to do. Cited from Life and Genius of Hawthorne,Frank Preston Stearns
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