Ample Bay

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  • Paul Beach is a shingle beach at the west end of Ample Bay, in the Bay of Isles, South Georgia.
  • Markham Point is a point forming the west side of Ample Bay, in the Bay of Isles, on the north coast of South Georgia.
  • The mouth of the port looks toward the south, half a league wide, after entering which between east and north it extends XII leagues, where, widening itself, it makes an ample bay of about XX leagues in circuit. Cited from Great Epochs in American History, Vol. I, Ed. by Francis W. Halsey
  • At the verge of this field, a cliff of red sandstone, ribbed and seamed by centuries of weather-wear and beat of sea, overlooked the ample bay which opens into the Straits of Northumberland at their widest point. Cited from Adrift in the Ice-Fields, by Charles W. Hall