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  • It was simple in design and ample for his family of seven children.
  • They did not have children, neither kept regular office hours, and they had ample money.
  • Certain projects of a much ampler sort have already been put forward. Cited from Anticipations, by Herbert George Wells
  • They will be found ampler than has been supposed, and in widely different sources. Cited from Complete Prose Works, by Walt Whitman
  • Now, teachers gave students purpose behind every concept while providing an ample amount of problems.
  • Numbers soon increased and the need was felt for more ample grounds.
  • Ample material on his life and works can be found in the links below.
  • In addition, there was an ample supply of both building materials and water nearby.
  • The plans we have would have created an even larger structure than the present one with ample gardens.
  • It is not easy to dry and is best given ample time for this.
  • They took possession of the land and received an ample supply of food and tools required.
  • This wide street allows ample space for the local market.
  • Their language has become ampler because now they read. Cited from Anticipations, by Herbert George Wells
  • He will already have honour in his university and ampler means. Cited from Love and Mr. Lewisham, by H. G. Wells
  • With ample property, there was no good reason given for why the current school plant must be demolished.
  • The district has ample number of institutions devoted for providing quality education to the residents.
  • Most of the island's ample supply of water is brought by the trade winds.
  • This can lead to increased bacteria levels when there is ample food supply.
  • However, they can still nest fairly close to one another when food supplies are ample.
  • It is also a well-developed commercial area in a college town, with ample street parking.
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Meaning of ample

  • adjective More than enough in size or scope or capacity
    had ample food for the party, an ample supply