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  • The maximum amount that can go into work is called the available energy.
  • The group achieved the same amount of success but for a limited period of time.
  • States hold elections every four years and exercise a considerable amount of power.
  • The ships were so small that only a small amount of cotton went out.
  • Some nations have taken steps to help increase the amount of trees on Earth.
  • Each unit of water can do an amount of work equal to its weight times the head.
  • The man-hour describes the amount of work that a person can complete in one hour.
  • Nuclear power plants can produce a huge amount of power from a single unit.
  • A small amount of natural gas is used for domestic power generation.
  • A small amount of material is released onto a surface, leaving a visible mark.
  • This also provides a considerable amount of freedom regarding the contract design.
  • Only a small amount of the lodge is actually used as a living area.
  • He eventually raised enough money to produce a full-length film, though not the full amount he originally wanted.
  • Seeing the player's hand may be worth the small amount of money in the long run.
  • A few large deposits produce or produced a significant amount of the world production.
  • This leads to a higher draw weight in order to store the same amount of energy.
  • A hide is thought to represent the amount of land required to support one family.
  • The Real Cost is the amount the character must actually pay for the Power.
  • Ten questions are asked in round one, each assigned one of ten different money amounts.
  • There was a small amount of blood found at the scene that was never tested.
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Words starting with amount

Meaning of amount

  • noun The relative magnitude of something with reference to a criterion
    an adequate amount of food for four people
  • verb Be tantamount or equivalent to
    Her action amounted to a rebellion