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  • At first glance it looked as though some wild thing had run amok there. Cited from The Quest of the Sacred Slipper, by Sax Rohmer
  • So why not let him run a little amok?
  • They turned around and ran amok, killing their own troops.
  • But they maintain a lie, and so they run amok at last. Cited from Women in Love, by D.H. Lawrence
  • They fought the amok group and because of their ferociousness the group ran away.
  • The crime known as running amok appears to be the outcome of a similar state of mind. Cited from Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India, by R. V. Russell
  • Neither could the person running amok be saved nor could the coffin be recovered.
  • But he - along with his brother and other administration officials - was far more troubled by black mobs running amok.
  • The good God alone knoweth why it had chosen that moment and place to run apparently amok. Cited from The Way of the Wild, by F. St. Mars
  • This was the first non-remixed track released by the band and featured on their debut album, Amok.
  • And in Celebes, men run amok, generally killing a dozen people before meeting their own death.
  • Music-wise, it kept a fairly similar concept as Amok, as the songs had been written around the same time.
  • As his youngest brother expressed it, he and Chris 'generally ran amok' when they got together. Cited from The Rocks of Valpre, by Ethel May Dell
  • Amok Entertainment is a publisher of video and computer games based in New York.
  • A fine example of a useful function run amok.
  • He mentioned that he had known of as many as forty people being injured by a single "amok" runner. Cited from The Golden Chersonese and The Way Thither, by Bird
  • You've been running amok to-day, and it's been altogether too lively to be just pleasant. Cited from The Knave of Diamonds, by Ethel May Dell
  • Completely mindless and savage, the young ran amok and had to be killed by their own mother.
  • They run amok, draw on the walls, pillow fight, and throw books.
  • Moments later, the creature rises out of the river and runs amok.
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Meaning of amok

  • adverb Wildly; without self-control
    when the restaurant caught fire the patrons ran amuck, blocking the exit
  • adverb In a murderous frenzy
    rioters running amuck and throwing sticks and bottles and stones