amino acid sequence

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  • Third, proteins with similar functions across many different species often have similar amino acid sequences.
  • Each unique amino acid sequence produces a specific structure, which has unique properties.
  • Cyclins are generally very different from each other in primary structure, or amino acid sequence.
  • These two versions have different amino acid sequences and different secondary structures.
  • It consists of a loop of any length and any amino acid sequence.
  • Protein structures in a given environment were thought to be defined completely by their amino acid sequence.
  • Thermophiles contain slightly different amino acid sequences making it stable under these higher conditions.
  • It contains a short amino-acid sequence that can specifically bind to some free light chains.
  • A protein's primary structure refers to its amino acid sequence.
  • For a given protein, once its amino acid sequence is determined, its sequence feature variant type is determined.
  • Differences in the enzyme occur based on the location of the active site along the amino acid sequence.
  • Such evidence has come from two areas: amino acid sequences and DNA sequences.
  • These genes are designated as belonging to different classes, depending on their amino acid sequence structure.
  • It has significant amino acid sequence similarity to other venoms of other animals.
  • Consider a protein, its amino acid sequence determines its structure and function.
  • IF are subcategorized into six types based on similarities in amino acid sequence and protein structure.
  • This has been further extended to describe the amino acid sequences of proteins and other similar domains.
  • First, proteins with different functions usually have different amino acid sequences.
  • Although all three classes of enzymes have the same function, there is little overlap among their amino acid sequences.
  • This principle says that nature has chosen amino acid sequences so that the folded state of the protein is very stable.
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