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  • Having but one sail it could not have been better placed than amidships. Cited from Dan Merrithew, by Lawrence Perry
  • A shot came in right amidships, cut one man in two, and took off the hand of another. Cited from Our Sailors, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • There was a little crowd of men amidships, hard at work at something. Cited from A Jolly Fellowship, by Frank R. Stockton
  • It was about fifteen feet in length, and four feet wide amidships. Cited from Four Months in a Sneak-Box, by N. Bishop
  • These were mounted on a large flying deck amidships, where they had good command.
  • Amidships was a living-room, with a plate-glass window on either side. Cited from Through Space to Mars, by Roy Rockwood
  • She run on a rock, and broke her in two amidships. Cited from Bay State Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 1, by Various
  • They should have got more amidships if they could. Cited from Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn by Henry Kingsley
  • Then he let her go and she lurched down until her side amidships was in the water. Cited from The Lure of the North, by Harold Bindloss
  • A third aircraft could also be carried amidships, exposed to the elements.
  • She then took on a heavy list to port with her entire port side forward of amidships in flames.
  • She had a single gun mounted in her bow, and one or two amidships. Cited from The Boy Allies with Uncle Sams Cruisers, R. Drake
  • Amidships is the cabin space with sufficient room for a crew of twenty-five. Cited from A History of Aeronautics, by E. Charles Vivian
  • One torpedo struck the ship amidships, though without doing any serious damage.
  • While he and the party were working forward, the sea came rolling up and struck the vessel amidships. Cited from Roger Willoughby, by William H. G. Kingston
  • This space's amidships was the first class writing room.
  • Only don't blame me if you come back here some day all telescoped up amidships. Cited from One Third Off, by Irvin S. Cobb
  • Two guns were fitted on the upper deck amidships, along with several light anti-aircraft machine guns.
  • The forward section lies on its port side, with the amidships section keel up.
  • Amidships are two wing cars each containing a single engine. Cited from British Airships, Past/Present/Future, Geo. Whale
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Meaning of amidships

  • adverb At or near or toward the center of a ship
    in the late 19th century, engines were placed in front, amidships, and at the rear