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  • Ami released a single by the same name on the same day.
  • The Ami was for some years the best-selling car model in France.
  • One common use of AMI is in the active object design pattern.
  • Ami can't understand whether the Japanese are kind or cold.
  • When their house later burnt down, they made an insurance claim with AMI.
  • Ben-Ami has been a notable opponent of same-sex marriage in Canada.
  • Cher Ami was eventually shot down but managed to take flight again.
  • He has three children with his wife, Ami.
  • They also commissioned a romantic live action movie loosely based on the Ami series.
  • I laugh -- mon ami -- when I think of all that you did in three days. Cited from Dross, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • The following year, one of his songs was voted Best Pop Song at AMI.
  • Not many people may have seen the Ami, but many people may have heard the Ami.
  • AMI closed its Atlanta area facility during the year while opening a new on in St. Louis.
  • It has been known as AMI Stadium ever since the Crusaders started playing there.
  • Seven elements of AMI remained on the ground providing medical assistance to the people affected by the earthquake.
  • Ben-Ami is the first woman to head the organization.
  • AMI categories have been added and removed over time.
  • They look very similar, and Ami admires her mother and longs to live up to her example.
  • Ami is one of the few girls in the series whose family situation is explicitly mentioned in the anime.
  • After Ami gets off the bus, Margalit cannot stop thinking about him.
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