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  • Info In real estate and lodging, an amenity is something considered to benefit a property and thereby increase its value.
  • Another amenity offered was the first free night school for students who dropped out of high school.
  • The building will include various social health and well-being amenities for use by all ages.
  • Civil amenities include a police station, a library and an extensive modern health centre.
  • The lower level of the main building contains other amenities such as a community centre and library.
  • The structure had modern amenities including hot water heat and running water.
  • The town has a post office, police station, and several other amenities.
  • In general, the larger the association the more amenities that can be provided.
  • The village's amenities include a primary school, church, post office and public house.
  • With what amenity he spoke to us in these last days! Cited from Private Life of Napoleon, V12, by Constant
  • Islands with amenities have higher market value and are not sold as frequently.
  • This use as a village amenity has continued to the present day.
  • The surrounding area is primary made up of student housing and commercial amenities to students.
  • Other amenities in the village include a public house, a village hall and a farm shop.
  • A new train driver amenity building was also constructed around this time.
  • Amenities in the village include a shop, primary school and village hall.
  • As the scheme became established and the community grew, amenities were put in place.
  • The area contains most necessary amenities, including a library, bank and local shops.
  • New teaching blocks and a student amenity centre have also recently opened near the railway station.
  • The grounds were taken over by the council and became a local amenity.
  • This would be the first company in the world to have such an amenity.
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