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  • He was then ambushed by a force much larger than he had expected.
  • The battle is one of the largest and most successful ambushes in military history.
  • Christian returned but was ambushed and spent the rest of his life in prison.
  • They then ambushed the governor and his party, who were on their way to visit the church.
  • Another report says he was ambushed and killed at first fire.
  • He was ambushed from behind a bush and his right arm was cut off.
  • He felt the Indians were trying to lead them into an ambush.
  • When Du sent his forces back south, they were ambushed and defeated.
  • And he took his army, and divided it into three companies, and laid ambushes in the fields. Cited from The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Judges Book 7
  • In the old days of Indian ambushes it must have earned its right to the name. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 6, by Various
  • Ambushes can be easily conducted in this environment just like they can in an urban environment.
  • They, however, are ambushed and their cars put out of action.
  • Four attempts were made to hang him and he survived ambush five times.
  • A series of ambushes forced the Russian army to delay their advance numerous times.
  • Then he walked on as directed, and heard men talking of Indian ambushes and troops. Cited from The U.P. Trail, by Zane Grey
  • These failings caused him to lead his forces straight into a classic ambush.
  • It began ambushing supply lines to the American forces in the valley.
  • When they arrive at the hotel for the secret meeting, they are ambushed.
  • Their plan was discovered by police and the two young men were ambushed by police at the peak during their operation.
  • Ambushes were set for him and his company in the forest. Cited from The Personal Life Of David Livingstone, by William Garden Blaikie
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Meaning of ambush

  • noun The act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise
  • verb Wait in hiding to attack