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  • It works even in total darkness because ambient light level does not matter.
  • This wing was designed to allow as much natural ambient light in as possible.
  • He plays traditional music, as well as more ambient music, country, rock, and new age.
  • The album as a whole is more direct than the ambient October.
  • The band is notable for its guitar-based ambient sound and clear female vocals.
  • Another technology called ambient pressure maintains the same pressure both inside and outside the vessel.
  • The ambient temperature was and the track temperature was during the hour-long period.
  • The operation of engines typically has a negative impact upon air quality and ambient sound levels.
  • Most recently, Coleman has released the ambient album TREES under his own name.
  • The amount of ambient light the game received also had an effect on the gaming experience.
  • The game's music is depicted as being much more ambient than its predecessor.
  • The model also includes an ambient term to account for the small amount of light that is scattered about the entire scene.
  • Seven of them are air-stable at ambient temperature, and are given in the table below.
  • Ambient compositions are often quite lengthy, much longer than more popular, commercial forms of music.
  • His music incorporates various styles, although he mostly uses classical and ambient music in his pieces.
  • The end product includes elements of rock, jazz, classical, and ambient music.
  • The first three-and-a-half minutes of it was actually just the ambient mics left up.
  • It was, to them, very much a new work rather than just another Eno-type ambient album.
  • His style could be described as ambient with a heavy minimalist influence.
  • Land's music also tends to be more ambient in style.
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