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  • He served for one year as ambassador and then retired to private life.
  • Command and control of the air program would remain in the ambassador's hands.
  • He met with world figures, and was often described as an ambassador of peace.
  • They act as ambassadors on the global level as well as on a local level.
  • The same day I took my leave of the German Ambassador's lady. Cited from Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, by Lady Fanshawe
  • At the same time, the king also sent ambassadors to Rome to offer peace.
  • He has been active in charity work throughout his career, and is still considered an ambassador of the game.
  • Silence held the company as the Ambassador's fine old hands touched one after another. Cited from The Port of Missing Men, by Meredith Nicholson
  • A contest held to name the team came up with the name Ambassadors.
  • But the prince said he had his plan, and he stayed that night at the ambassador's. Cited from Prince Prigio, by Andrew Lang
  • For the foreign powers, and particularly the British ambassador, the marriage was seen as positive.
  • Since that time, no one has even approached his record of seven years as ambassador to the UN.
  • He was soon serving Edward III as an ambassador and in other ways.
  • An order was given to charge the ambassador's office.
  • They perform a number of leadership duties and are important ambassadors of the school.
  • The two coach together, and have served as ambassadors for Right to Play.
  • On the other hand you also want to give your announcement to as many ambassadors as possible.
  • The Ambassador's current use is as an exhibition hall & event centre.
  • Each host city except for Berlin also named two city ambassadors.
  • She tells the coat check girl to give it to the ambassador's daughter.
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Meaning of ambassador

  • noun A diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another
  • noun An informal representative
    an ambassador of good will