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  • So my label was amazing because they really let me have my hands in there.
  • We put the band together and went down and it was just an amazing response.
  • The two went on for several minutes, amazing the entire cast and crew.
  • This is indeed very amazing site to be seen in the city.
  • Once they went public with the amazing returns, they gained national recognition for their success.
  • But for what it was at the time, those are amazing records to me.
  • For too long people believed that there were secret books, hidden places, and amazing things.
  • There was really no time to get amazing performances out of James.
  • It attracted amazing attention at the time and for the following number of years.
  • The leaders in music praise his work and his amazing shows begin.
  • He was a man possessed of amazing strength, although he seemed to be a different person in each film.
  • Amazing Race courses were planned so that the final three teams will all reach the finish line.
  • Kellogg is also known for its amazing entirely student-led performing arts groups.
  • Adding these two titles to the team's gold is an amazing feeling.
  • There are an amazing number of property agents located along the road.
  • She had now become a popular writer, and worked with amazing industry to sustain her position.
  • An amazing rock formation called the Great Wall of China is located just outside the park.
  • Amazing Stories was influential simply by being the first of its kind.
  • Summer camps provide an amazing opportunity for children to learn hands on.
  • Not only is he good looking, but he is an amazing performer as well.
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Root form of amazing is amaze for the verb.

Meaning of amazing

  • verb Affect with wonder
    Your ability to speak six languages amazes me!