Aluminum Overcast

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  • Due to its large wing area it was nicknamed "Aluminum Overcast".
  • Aluminum Overcast was put on display until 1983, before it began a 10-year restoration.
  • Aluminum Overcast carries the colors of the 398th Bomb Group of World War II, which flew hundreds of missions over Nazi-held territory during the war.
  • Half-hour flights are also available at all tour stops, with proceeds from the tour helping to keep Aluminum Overcast flying and assisting in the continuing restoration, maintenance and preservation efforts of EAA.
  • Although never amassing a combat record, and barely escaping the fate of many aircraft that were scrapped after World War II, Aluminum Overcast has become one of the most recognizable examples of the type, due to its extensive touring schedule with over one million flight miles accumulated.
  • When Aluminum Overcast is on tours, flying extensively throughout the USA and Canada, it serves as the EAA's showcase aircraft and has already flown thousands of veterans and aviation enthusiasts.