aluminum alloy

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  • It is also commonly used on aluminum alloy parts in the aircraft industry.
  • The five-main bearing block is high-pressure die-cast from aluminum alloy.
  • The redesigned wing made use of a new aluminum alloy that did not exist during the original production.
  • While aluminum alloys have a high specific strength, they melt at a lower temperature than steel.
  • The building was constructed using aluminum alloy with sleek design into the sky.
  • Despite the added length, the wings were lighter as a result of new aluminum alloys.
  • The engine used aluminum-alloy heads and cast-steel pistons, as well as two water pumps.
  • The block is made of cast iron with aluminum alloy head and sump.
  • These were cast in magnesium for racing and in aluminum alloy for street use.
  • The second generation of magazines were made from investment cast aluminum alloy.
  • The SOHC head was a new aluminum alloy design fitted to a cast iron block.
  • Upper and lower receivers are made from aluminum alloy and are connected via cross pins.
  • It can attain moderate to high strength by cold working, and has relatively high welded strength compared to other aluminum alloy families.
  • Alloys of nickel are the most common but work is being done on iron aluminum alloys.
  • An aluminum-alloy stiffener has been added between the transmission case and the block, just behind the bearing carrier.
  • The total production included six coupes, and two aluminum alloy-bodied cars.
  • Once made primarily from steel, almost all carabiners for recreational climbing are made from a light weight aluminum alloy.
  • The frame of most models is made from hard anodized aluminum alloy.
  • The airframe was made up mostly of aluminum alloys with steel, titanium and other materials used in places.
  • If aluminum alloy corners are used, the corner relies on its friction fit alone to hold the door frame together.
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