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  • The combined companies would have formed the largest aluminum producer in the world.
  • The higher-end electric pick guns are usually made of aircraft aluminum and hard steel.
  • One very important use was for bus bars for new aluminum plants needed to make aircraft.
  • An aluminum stage was also built across the off-run, which could be used for concerts during the summer.
  • Usually, these were made of some form of lightweight metal such as aluminum.
  • Due to its cost, aluminum nitride is so far used mostly in military applications.
  • The train uses a standard light weight aluminum body.
  • To keep the weight low enough, the engine block was cast from aluminum, a rare practice for the time.
  • Long term use of versions with aluminum may increase the risk for getting osteoporosis.
  • Many modern tripods are constructed of aluminum, though wood is still used for legs.
  • When you get into a stage situation of aluminum walls and shiny metal, it can be a problem.
  • Probably fewer than ten sites in the US and Europe produced any aluminum at the time.
  • After a local aluminum plant that once employed many residents closed, the small community struggled economically.
  • During World War II, aluminum became a necessary material for the war effort and was in short supply.
  • Aluminum workers and their families were among his most ardent supporters during his many campaigns.
  • Aluminum Christmas trees were popular during the early 1960s in the US.
  • Aluminum frames are generally recognized as having a lower weight than steel, although this is not always the case.
  • The closing of the aluminum plant caused serious economic stress in the area.
  • These ovens are typically made of bare cast iron, although some are aluminum.
  • Aluminum and steel production and agricultural processing make up for most of the industrial output.
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  • noun A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite