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  • Alternatively, a subject may be offered a choice between two or more pictures.
  • Alternatively, they may serve without arms, although this, too, has its problems.
  • Should one member be attacked, it had to be helped with military or alternatively legal support.
  • Alternatively, the test will be repeated at an earlier time than it would otherwise.
  • Alternatively, the word universal is often used in place of both words.
  • Others describe it alternatively as liberal, centre-left, left-wing, or far-left.
  • Alternatively, they can also travel short distances on land to get back to the sea.
  • Alternatively, he may take pride in having recognized the opportunity cost of the alternative use of time.
  • Alternatively, they might receive as a royalty a certain amount per book sold.
  • Alternatively, they were used to target the head of the enemy force, typically a foreign emperor.
  • Alternatively it can be played for a fixed number of points.
  • Alternatively the useful work gained is the difference between the heat added and the heat removed.
  • Alternatively, if the main engine was not started the pilot went directly to a landing.
  • Alternatively, the game may be played with ring-shaped pieces with a central hole.
  • Alternatively, one might be interested in their spectral content only during a certain time period.
  • The rules may be the same for all players, or alternatively players may each be assigned rules related to particular characters.
  • Alternatively, a single line shielded by power and ground lines can be used.
  • Alternatively, when one board finishes, play can continue on the other board.
  • Alternatively, the game can be played as per three-handed but with a "dead hand".
  • Alternatively, we could count partitions in which no number occurs more than once.
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Synonyms of alternatively

Meaning of alternatively

  • adverb In place of, or as an alternative to
    Felix became a herpetologist instead, alternatively we could buy a used car