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  • The game continues, players moving alternately, until one player cannot make a move.
  • His early years were spent alternately in pleasure and in military service.
  • It is possible to play two losing games alternately to eventually win.
  • If necessary, the infantry would fall back with alternately fire and movement.
  • Alternately, at times when a victim almost ran for their lives, they immediately announced the same thing.
  • He visited Ireland in the following year and seemed alternately in very high and very low spirits.
  • Since then, it has run at all times except late nights, where passengers alternately use the train.
  • It went through a period of alternately making and losing money, though student staff was all volunteers.
  • Over the years, the region has been alternately under Spanish and Portuguese rule.
  • Alternately, one has that where I is the unit object of the closed category.
  • Instead, trains are received alternately on each side of the platform and leave directly in the opposite direction.
  • This group has alternately been considered as either a full or subfamily by different authorities.
  • The escape behavior consists of alternately flashing its white sides when running away.
  • Finally it was decided that both candidates should serve, but alternately, each for a period of six months.
  • Alternately, some artists have used Internet technology to generate even more cover art.
  • Some people can also move their eyebrows up and down alternately.
  • This event, held alternately between the two schools, sees them play one another in rugby and hockey.
  • The match is held alternately on either the North or South Island.
  • He alternately shut himself in his room for days at a time or went out alone into the countryside.
  • Alternately, a character may spend one fate point on an action.
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Synonyms of alternately

Meaning of alternately

  • adverb In an alternating sequence or position
    They were deglycerolized by alternately centrifuging and mixing, he planted fir and pine trees alternately