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  • She received alterations to strengthen her sail before she left the building yard.
  • Alterations made to the building within those decades would allow twice as much banking to take place.
  • The alteration was so small that the watch could still be worn in a normal manner.
  • Listed building consent must be obtained from local authorities before any alteration to a listed structure.
  • If the list is further altered, the material day may be different for that alteration.
  • The stadium went through many alterations and playing surface configurations over the years.
  • Since then, there have been several alterations to the ratings over the years.
  • There were a number of official alterations made to the right-hand drive cars' lights.
  • The course has remained in its original layout with only minor alterations.
  • She has not made any alterations of any kind, and kept it how it was, how people liked it.
  • Later, the alterations of the beach helped to maintain the water level.
  • The front air vent was the other design alteration made to the car prior to production.
  • The memory is then available for alteration by new information.
  • Such parameters may be set within the game but are of course subject to alteration.
  • The aircraft went through several alterations in each of its design stages and variants.
  • Some alterations have been made to the map over the years.
  • These repairs and alterations delayed her return to service until the following year.
  • The station copes with large daily passenger numbers with very little alteration having proved necessary.
  • Thus, even when a federal court has authority to make common law, that law is subject to alteration by Congress.
  • Along with that alteration, there were other smaller differences between this Bill and the one previous.
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Meaning of alteration

  • noun The act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)