alteration has

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  • Very few alterations have been made to the house since its construction.
  • Inside, alterations have removed some of the original features, but much still remains.
  • Very little alteration has been made to the castle over the centuries.
  • Since then, no major alterations have been made to the church.
  • Since then several alterations have been made to the actual field.
  • But a worse alteration has taken place than any visible in the face of nature. Cited from The Story of the Herschels, by Anonymous
  • During its long career as an institution and hotel several major alterations have been carried out to the house.
  • Some later 18th century alterations have been made and later windows added.
  • In ten years' time -- just a short ten years only -- what an alteration has taken place! Cited from Hodge and His Masters, by Richard Jefferies
  • No major alterations have been made to the church since the Middle Ages.
  • No major alterations have been made to the church since.
  • Alterations have been carried out since it was originally built.
  • What alteration has last night, what on this day, produced? Cited from The History of Rome; Vol III, Books 27 to 36, by Titus Livius
  • Several significant alterations have been made to these roadways since they were first laid out.
  • A number of alterations have taken place since the initial construction.
  • No radical alterations have been introduced, although a number of minor changes will be noted. Cited from New Latin Grammar, by Charles E. Bennett
  • Some alterations have also been made to the heating system over the years.
  • Numerous alterations have been made to the church over the centuries.
  • I dare not yet be quite out of fear, the alteration has been so sudden. Cited from The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb, Vol. 6: Letters 1821-1842, by Lamb
  • Many other alterations have been required by the breaking up of private collections. Cited from The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance, by Bernhard Berenson
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