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  • The game introduced a number of new features as well as several small alterations.
  • The final release of the single saw no alteration from the album version.
  • Very little alteration has been made to the castle over the centuries.
  • In an alteration of previous years, each team faced each other twice during the group stage.
  • There he helped make the first of his many permanent alterations to the sport.
  • He also directed important alteration work on the interior of the building.
  • The national team kit design has gone through several alterations in the past.
  • There were major alterations to the house over the next three centuries.
  • The head is pointed and of one square order, probably a later alteration.
  • Since then several alterations have been made to the actual field.
  • A voice-alteration similar to the single was used in the performance.
  • Some later 18th century alterations have been made and later windows added.
  • Social change refers to an alteration in the social order of a society.
  • It is not known whether such a list would apply to other languages without alteration.
  • After that, no major alterations were made to the cathedral for almost two centuries.
  • The name is most likely a simple alteration of the word German.
  • Process for her character design went through several alterations.
  • This period also saw further alterations to the rules of the sport.
  • Since that time, only one major alteration has taken place in the Memorial's design.
  • Both of these gave increased construction costs and alteration of the architectural design plans.
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Meaning of alteration

  • noun The act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)