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  • This work is part of an altarpiece that had been divided into four parts.
  • Together with his father he purchased the altarpiece and offered it to the parish.
  • His many altarpieces in the second half of the 19th century are also of note.
  • The former altarpiece now stands at the west end of the church.
  • The reasons and forces that led to the development of altarpieces are not generally agreed upon.
  • The altarpiece has been moved several times over the centuries.
  • Altarpieces, that were not part of the original structure, stand between the holy doors instead.
  • The two main features are the main altarpieces and the high choir on the right hand side.
  • He went on to paint a number of other altarpieces in the years to come.
  • The church also has a large stained glass window as its altarpiece.
  • He then turned to large religious works for altarpieces.
  • The main altarpiece is possibly the most important element of the church.
  • Later in his life he also painted large altarpieces.
  • The painting is in a very damaged state, the altarpiece having been cut up and sold in pieces long ago.
  • On one side of the altarpiece on the second level, there is an image of Christ.
  • Such studies were part of a complex process Barocci used to complete his altarpieces.
  • The picture is now used as the altarpiece of the church.
  • Sometimes the altarpiece is set on the altar itself and sometimes in front of it.
  • Her success in Rome was mainly limited to religious altarpieces.
  • He made several paintings that come close to being architecture paintings, as well as several altarpieces for country churches.
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Meaning of altarpiece

  • noun A painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table