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  • The song was also reproduced in several books and records after the German occupation ended.
  • It also reproduces many of the laws found in this earlier code. Cited from The Makers and Teachers of Judaism, by Charles Foster Kent
  • Yet another notable feature is its historical section in which earlier cases of relevance are also reproduced.
  • In addition to seeds it can also reproduce via its widely spreading roots.
  • They also reproduce material and pictures found in archives and personal collections worldwide.
  • V, where part of the text is also reproduced. Cited from The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Complete
  • It also reproduces news from sources such as UOL, national and international news agencies.
  • It can also reproduce asexually when broken fragments of coral come to rest in positions where they can establish themselves.
  • Certain psalms are also reproduced in two different collections with only slight variations. Cited from Value of the Old Testament, by Charles Foster Kent
  • This was intended to provide data on weather to Springfield, but was also reproduced in local newspapers.
  • It is also reproduced inside the CD case of the computer game Uplink.
  • For added contrast, the same passages are also reproduced from a modern dramatic reading of the poem.
  • Other examples of Claxton's works were also reproduced in newspapers of the day.
  • Trout also reproduce naturally throughout the length of the stream.
  • The plant can also reproduce vegetatively via rhizomes, and often form colonies.
  • We may also reproduce those which result from magnetism by induction. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 315, January 14, 1882, by Various
  • They also reproduced a revised version of their game kits for soldiers, which earned the company $2 million.
  • The original series also reproduced dream comics submitted by readers.
  • They may also reproduce through conjugation, which is peculiar in involving cells of different size and often involves total fusion.
  • They also reproduce in clear, cold, moderately deep lakes.
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