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  • Info Aloud is an American, Boston-based indie rock band known for its songwriting and vocal prowess as well as using a two lead singer approach.
  • Other than that, the player can even record their story and hear it played back aloud.
  • He has never heard the voice of another human being, nor has he ever spoken aloud.
  • However, some teachers have reported as using these books in a read-aloud manner.
  • Someone may also read aloud the names of people who have died over the past year.
  • Students and the teacher read aloud and share their thinking about the text.
  • I would write it at night, then take it into school and read it aloud to my friends.
  • By middle school, almost no one is reading aloud to students.
  • The next day Robert has stopped reading it aloud, so they go off and play their games.
  • The word must be spoken aloud, and be the first word said in the month.
  • Turner sometimes read alone, but frequently read books aloud with his wife or his friends.
  • The track will be her first step away from Girls Aloud as a singer.
  • It was also possible in this version to have the computer read the text aloud.
  • At these appearances he read aloud to the children, often with music and dancing.
  • These changes have aloud affected change of the status of the city.
  • When thinking aloud you should do the following: Say whatever's on your mind.
  • When he read it aloud to the class, they loved it and, of course, they wanted more.
  • It is not part of a word, and it is not read aloud in any way.
  • In fact, many poems reveal themselves fully only when they are read aloud.
  • You could see there was something they couldn't say aloud.
  • In undergraduate classes, he read aloud every day the draft of his next book.
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  • adverb Using the voice; not silently
    please read the passage aloud, he laughed out loud