Almond Blossom

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  • One day he had also taken a branch of almond-blossom in full flower, and had laid it by the food. Cited from Little Hunchback Zia, Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • He was a two-time winner of the Almond Blossom Cross Country during this period.
  • On the ground before him are a few almond-blossoms, blown there by the wind. Cited from Yet Again, by Max Beerbohm
  • She was a very good girl, master, and as pretty as a sprig of almond blossom. Cited from The Daffodil Mystery, by Edgar Wallace
  • The race took place on a purpose-built course near the city, which also hosts the annual Almond Blossom Cross Country.
  • The city plays host to the Almond Blossom Cross Country competition annually.
  • She looked away at Giovanelli, who was decorating himself with his almond blossom. Cited from Daisy Miller, by Henry James
  • Is it wrong to see the beauty of the almond blossoms, wrong to taste the scented wind? Cited from Messer Marco Polo, by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
  • Her cheeks were like almond blossoms and a white veil caught around her head by a carved silver chaplet, fell over her shoulders. Cited from The Coming of the King, by Bernie Babcock
  • In the casket scene I wore a dress like almond-blossom. Cited from The Story of My Life, by Ellen Terry
  • At the start of the 1993 season, he won the Almond Blossom Cross Country.
  • The German Wine Route is also famous for its almond blossoms, painting the whole region in pink and white colours around the beginning of March.
  • How fresh and sweet the evening air is, as it comes up from my little flower garden below, laden with the fragrance of June roses and almond blossom! Cited from Dreams and Dream Stories, Anna (Bonus) Kingsford
  • The Almond Blossom Cross returned to its original home in Albufeira in 2005 and has been held there annually ever since.
  • To hear it, was like coming upon sight of the almond-blossoms of Sicily for the first time, or the tulip-fields of Holland. Cited from The Beautiful Lady, by Booth Tarkington
  • On this occasion he strolled away from his companion to pluck a sprig of almond blossom, which he carefully arranged in his buttonhole. Cited from Daisy Miller, by Henry James
  • Do you hear the bees, Marco Polo -- the bees among the almond-blossoms? Cited from Messer Marco Polo, by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
  • Love wine and beauty and the spring, While wine is red and spring is here, And through the almond blossoms ring The dove-like voices of thy Dear. Cited from The Poems And Prose Of Ernest Dowson,Ernest Dowson
  • The Almond Blossom Cross Country is an annual international cross country running competition which takes place in Albufeira, Portugal, in early March.
  • He noticed everything, the shapes and colours of things, the almond blossom, the ants that made nests in the garden walk, the things they saw in their travels. Cited from Father Payne, by Arthur Christopher Benson
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