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  • It is on an alluvial plain and it is low above sea level.
  • The areas to the east and north-east are low lying alluvial plains.
  • Alluvial diamond and gold mining activities also account for some economic activity.
  • Indian Valley is the third important alluvial valley of the upper basin.
  • As surface alluvial gold ran out, gold seekers were forced to look further underground.
  • Most of the land in the county is coastal and alluvial plain with little relief.
  • The altar was buried six feet deep in soil of an alluvial character.
  • It is located in an alluvial plain in the southeast part of the county.
  • Large alluvial fans filled the basin where it met the range.
  • Its course runs along a wide alluvial plain.
  • It is a former gold mining centre known for its alluvial wet mining techniques.
  • The alluvial valley is wide and relatively flat with a meandering river channel that changes its course.
  • The mine still has a wide variety of gold alloys, and is a particularly good spot for alluvial.
  • The river usually has a yellow hue because of the soil in the alluvial base of the valley.
  • The district is composed of alluvial soil, partly old and partly new.
  • Gradually from south to north, the area filled in with alluvial silt and became dry land.
  • Alluvial gold mining was once important and in recent years the area has been subject to mineral exploration.
  • Although they found alluvial gold, there were no large deposits.
  • The central alluvial region of the land is almost plain and the soil is fertile and rich.
  • The city is built on an alluvial plain formed by the and surrounded by low, steep hills.
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  • adjective Of or relating to alluvium