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  • Info Allusion is a figure of speech, in which one refers covertly or indirectly to an object or circumstance from an external context. more...
  • Beyond this allusion nothing is known, either of its history or its site.
  • In this long book, there are found allusions to only two or three other works. Cited from Pickwickian Manners and Customs, by Percy Fitzgerald
  • Many allusions are made to actual cultural events or products in present-day society.
  • The episode title itself is an allusion to the film with the similar name.
  • Let us give these brief allusions to her experiences here, in her own words. Cited from Woman's Work in the Civil War, by Brockett and Vaughan
  • His first speech as leader to the party conference contained several allusions to the book.
  • Allusions to the number three are even more common in the novel.
  • The characters and their names contain many allusions to other older works.
  • These allusions indicate that the song was already well known at that time.
  • The story contains numerous allusions to the ideas and thinking of others.
  • However, it is the second allusion a bit later in the work that is more interesting.
  • There are many allusions to his movies throughout this part of the song.
  • There are also many allusions to his importance in Egyptian history throughout the books.
  • The music video is professionally shot and makes many allusions to the original song.
  • The idea of the women being more beautiful then any other women is an allusion to her being a fairy.
  • The incident itself is never shown or explained, although various allusions appear throughout the strip.
  • Allusions like these are present throughout the entire novel.
  • The films title makes the contrary allusion that George Washington never told a lie.
  • The name is an allusion to a violent battle that was fought here centuries ago.
  • His military allusions are more effective because they stem from personal experiences.
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Meaning of allusion

  • noun Passing reference or indirect mention