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  • In exchange, members are given free room and board, and a small weekly allowance.
  • You must make allowances for her even if you think her unreasonable. Cited from The Land of Promise, by D. Torbett
  • But somehow you know who they are and where they came from, and make allowances. Cited from Torchy As A Pa, by Sewell Ford
  • I just wanted my brother to intimidate him so that he would continue to pay me my allowance.
  • This method of distribution may be combined with other forms of allowance distribution.
  • His father gave him a generous allowance and never insisted that he follow him into business.
  • They are provided with special allowances to buy their own food.
  • The constitution makes specific allowances for the failure of a new president to be elected.
  • If no allowance was made, a mature older horse would always beat a younger one.
  • Only a limited number of allowances are available each year.
  • Frederick's allowance was raised but by less than he had asked for.
  • If members became sick, they would receive an allowance to help them meet their financial obligations.
  • Certain residents are entitled to a larger personal allowance than others.
  • After those allowances are used, no more can be issued.
  • He had to make allowances, not only to her, but to himself. Cited from The Emigrant Trail, by Geraldine Bonner
  • What allowances then could his best friends expect from him in their frailties? Cited from Imaginary Conversations and Poems, by Walter Savage Landor
  • The majority of riders will simply be happy to complete the distance within the time allowance.
  • He offers to hold the money and provide it to her on an allowance basis, on account of her youth.
  • Women with permanent positions in the government can now apply for travel allowances for their children.
  • The state gave certain allowances to students awaiting jobs during their training period.
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Meaning of allowance

  • noun An amount allowed or granted (as during a given period)
    travel allowance, my weekly allowance of two eggs, a child's allowance should not be too generous
  • noun A sum granted as reimbursement for expenses
  • noun An amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances
    an allowance for profit
  • noun A permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits
  • noun The act of allowing
    He objected to the allowance of smoking in the dining room
  • verb Put on a fixed allowance, as of food