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  • NEW is used to allocate data of either of these classes of memory.
  • The number of assembly members allocated to each ward is based upon population.
  • Each girl is allocated a house when they enter the school.
  • The land area allocated for this airport is among the largest in the world.
  • This forces companies to allocate time and money that could have been better spent on research and development.
  • In truth, the allocated money was simply too little to cover even half of the claims.
  • In this table, the Group number allocated to each list is shown at right.
  • I think it is necessary to do so before allocating the Members amongst them. Cited from Liberalism and the Social Problem, by Winston Spencer Churchill
  • India in its past did not allocate enough resources to build or maintain its road network.
  • A draft is a process used to allocate certain players to sports teams.
  • The country has allocated much of its government spending on social policy.
  • Everyone would have a certain number of points a month that they could allocate any way they wanted.
  • Pupils who do not take the test can only be allocated places at secondary modern schools.
  • As a direct result, more public dollars have been allocated for research into some of these methods.
  • This way, the amount of physical memory allocated for the process does not increase until data is written.
  • The local school districts allocate land as well as rooms for park district programs to use.
  • Players can allocate energy between research into new technology and energy reserves.
  • Materials and labor may be allocated based on past experience, or standard costs.
  • Once the election results are known, the seats are allocated to the parties.
  • When a character levels up the player can allocate status points freely.
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Meaning of allocate

  • verb Distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose
    I am allocating a loaf of bread to everyone on a daily basis, I'm allocating the rations for the camping trip