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  • Info The Aller is a river, long, in the states of Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony in Germany. more...
  • Most of the village is located on the southern bank of the river Aller.
  • It is named after the upper course of the river Aller, in its territory.
  • Aller has also stated that the group practiced every day for two years before its first public concert debut.
  • Five of them are located in the ancient Aller river valley.
  • There are several small rivers in the district, the most known one is the Aller.
  • The castle was built on the north bank of the river Aller above the flood plain.
  • Here the Aller divides itself between its natural river channel and the canal.
  • The fatal illness of her father brought Aller and her family back to America.
  • Aller comes from a family with a musical heritage that goes back many generations in Europe.
  • Victor Aller's hand was used when the hand plays the piano in the film.
  • Running through the town is the river Aller which is long and is one of Germany's longer rivers.
  • The report was later withdrawn when Aller called the contest off.
  • This operation was followed by the crossing of the river Aller, which resulted in some heavy fighting in the woods beyond.
  • Et il fit mine de s'en aller. Cited from Le Speronare, by Alexandre Dumas
  • The magazine is owned by Aller Media and is published weekly.
  • For ten years an area of real parkland has been developed into a leisure park within the Aller Park.
  • Due to its situation in the Aller valley, the castle was probably surrounded by water from the outset.
  • Several kilometres to the south of the area is the valley of the River Aller.
  • The Aller Canal was completed in 1863 after a three year construction period.
  • It was built in 1549 as a water castle on the river Aller, which has since changed its course.
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