all the same

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  • Info "All the Same" is the first single released from Sick Puppies' 2007 album Dressed Up as Life, though it was first released on their self-titled EP a year before the album.
  • But the second night was not at all the same as the first. Cited from The Magic City, by Edith Nesbit
  • All the same features remained in this series as in the series before.
  • He has been ill, but they forced him to work all the same.
  • But all the same, if it is the truth we cannot let it go. Cited from The Life of the Waiting Soul, by R. E. Sanderson
  • The materials performed were all the same except plays were no longer performed.
  • I thought they was all the same, you and all that kind. Cited from Overland Red, by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • Leaving men he turned to nature, but it was all the same. Cited from The Faith of Islam, by Edward Sell
  • If you do not hear or see us, act all the same. Cited from Sail Ho!, by George Manville Fenn
  • These three points are in general not all the same point.
  • He did not at all want to go, and yet he went all the same. Cited from Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
  • There is little evidence that these were all the same man.
  • But I should like to have a thousand of you, all the same. Cited from Marcus: the Young Centurion, by George Manville Fenn
  • All the same we're going to do just what you say. Cited from The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon, by James Carson
  • The conditions for most of the workers were all the same poor.
  • However, she has grown to love the other members all the same.
  • But we were the best of friends all the same. Cited from Patience Wins, by George Manville Fenn
  • You might find a different name here or there, but the basis is all the same.
  • Sometimes they fight, sometimes they play, and their parents treated them all the same.
  • It was hard, but that could be supported all the same. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Feb 1915
  • "He would have told it all the same though this man had never come." Cited from Dr. Wortle's School, by Anthony Trollope
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