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  • If he was alive he would have taken it one of two ways.
  • The fact that we are all alive to-day is enough for me. Cited from The Adventures of Kathlyn, by Harold MacGrath
  • Its main mission is to keep the memory of a small town alive.
  • At almost any time of the day, the place is alive with people.
  • If my poor sister had been happy, she would have been alive to-day. Cited from 'Doc.' Gordon, by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman
  • He brought the head back, but it was still alive and called for help.
  • Most of them now claim that they saw this as necessary to stay alive.
  • The artists are as alive to-day as any in the the world. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 32, Jun, 1860
  • Had he done so he might have been alive to-day. Cited from South with Scott, by Edward R. G. R. Evans
  • She knows her husband had not been alive to-day, but for you. Cited from The Bow of Orange Ribbon, by Amelia E. Barr
  • Of his four brothers, only one was still alive at this time.
  • I think I will make a break when night comes, if alive.
  • Only through the support of fans was the label able to stay alive.
  • Had I believed all that I was told, you would not be alive.
  • Last night I changed my mind and decided to stay alive.
  • Twelve men have walked on the Moon - eight of whom are still alive.
  • The black groups at the top of the board are alive, as they have at least two eyes.
  • That was the last time that they were seen alive.
  • Just being alive and living according to the rules is equivalent to being dead.
  • The railroad is what developed this town and kept it alive.
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Meaning of alive

  • adjective Possessing life
    the happiest person alive, the nerve is alive, doctors are working hard to keep him alive, burned alive, a live canary