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  • The court has a general east-west alignment and is long and wide.
  • The court has a general east-west alignment and is long and wide.
  • Alignment was subject to change each year as new teams joined the league and others dropped out.
  • Despite its east-west alignment, this highway is marked as a north-south route.
  • The game also introduced a class-change system that incorporated light-dark alignments.
  • Several of the old alignments have been assigned route numbers of their own.
  • Roads are described in either a west-east or north-south alignment.
  • It is the only facility remaining of its kind along the alignment of the former railway.
  • The rest of the proposed route was to be built on a new alignment.
  • Though it is signed as an east-west route, it actually follows a north-south alignment.
  • A simple alignment of ideas of right and particular acts is not possible.
  • That year, the state took over the alignment that was maintained by the county.
  • Although the route follows a mostly east-west alignment, it is signed as a north-south highway.
  • This was the last major change to the alignment of the route.
  • These results will then be used to build an alignment.
  • Perhaps he was already thinking about post-war political alignments and wished to keep his options open.
  • Here, they number nine, one for each of the nine alignments.
  • Some old alignments are still either county-maintained or state-maintained.
  • Several similar alignments have occurred in the past without resulting in any additional natural activity on Earth.
  • There are various native words to describe the ancient forms and types of rock alignments.
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Meaning of alignment

  • noun The spatial property possessed by an arrangement or position of things in a straight line or in parallel lines
  • noun The act of adjusting or aligning the parts of a device in relation to each other