Alienation Office

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  • Info The Alienation Office (1576 - 1835) was a British Government body charged with regulating the 'alienation' or transfer of certain feudal lands by use of a licence to alienate granted by the king, during the feudal era, and by the government thereafter.
  • The Alienation Office however continued in existence for nearly another 200 years.
  • In 1576 the Alienation Office was first established on a proper basis.
  • The pace of reform in the United Kingdom gathered pace in the 1830s, and the structure of the Alienation Office did not survive that decade.
  • He was Chief Master of the Alienation office from 1579 to 1599 and was called to the bar in 1599.
  • In 1834 land conveyancing was reformed and the system of fines and recoveries was abolished, which left the Alienation Office with no substantial function.
  • In 1717 he became Commissioner of the Alienation Office, and in 1720 was appointed joint Vice-Treasurer, Receiver General and Paymaster of Ireland, offices he held until his death.
  • Ashburnham was a Commissioner of the Alienation Office and furthermore a Chamberlain of the Exchequer from 1710 until 1755.