alienation can

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  • This idea of alienation can be observed in some other contexts, although the term may not be as frequently used.
  • This apparent cycle of alienation can cause feelings of helplessness where the only foreseeable resolution may be suicide.
  • Furthermore, a high degree of policy alienation can affect the quality of interactions between professionals and citizens, which may eventually influence the output legitimacy of government.
  • In the context of an individual's relationships within society, alienation can mean the unresponsiveness of society as a whole to the individuality of each member of the society.
  • One manifestation of the above dimensions of alienation can be a feeling of estrangement from, and a lack of engagement in, the political system.
  • No mountains of sin and neglect and alienation can be piled so high but that the flood of pardoning grace will rise above their crests, and pour itself into your hearts. Cited from Expositions/Holy Scripture: John 1-14, Maclaren
  • No alienation can cancel the affection that was born at his birth, that pillowed him in his infancy, centred in him its life, clasped him with its strength, and shed upon him its blessings, its hopes, and its prayers. Cited from The Crown of Thorns, by E. H. Chapin