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  • Her brother, unable to see past her new, alien appearance, leaves the team.
  • It takes the truth to break the alien's hold over the boy.
  • It has been described as the most alien-looking place on Earth.
  • Aliens is frequently considered one of the best action films ever released.
  • Duke has to kill them before the alien's birth does so.
  • Duke has to kill them before the alien's birth does so.
  • The food prepared for the scene was colored blue so it would look alien.
  • A plant-based life form, the alien and its race need animal blood to survive.
  • If they reach the bottom, the alien invasion is successful and the game ends.
  • He is also the father of three boys, one of whom is captured by the aliens.
  • In this story a man returns to earth in the body of an alien being.
  • Her experiences and growth as an alien in another culture form the heart of the work.
  • The alien's response is simple: they have no place in space.
  • Being alien to a particular tradition is a condition of our understanding.
  • In the game, the alien character used as the baby is the same height as other characters.
  • She is usually targeted by aliens that can take control of her mind then talk through her body.
  • At no point in the series are more than two of the aliens seen on screen at any one time.
  • This is not a case of alien life, rather it is an accident.
  • Alien languages are subject of both science fiction and scientific research.
  • If they survive a successful mission, each individual is awarded points for the aliens they have killed.
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Meaning of alien

  • verb Transfer property or ownership
    The will aliened the property to the heirs