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  • Info Algebraic may refer to any subject related to algebra in mathematics and related branches like algebraic number theory and algebraic topology.
  • A related class of fields very important in number theory are algebraic number fields.
  • The collection of all algebraic objects of a given type will usually be a proper class.
  • After like terms are combined, an algebraic expression will have at most one constant term.
  • The field has become more active recently because of its connection to algebraic K-theory.
  • One can perform algebraic operations on power series to generate new power series.
  • During this time he did much important work outside of his work on algebraic geometry.
  • The totally real number fields play a significant special role in algebraic number theory.
  • His work has mainly been in the area of algebraic K-theory.
  • This is one of the main results of classical algebraic number theory.
  • As an algebraic structure, every field is a ring, but not every ring is a field.
  • Algebraic number theory is a special case of group theory, thereby following the rules of the latter.
  • Fields of algebraic numbers are also called algebraic number fields, or shortly number fields.
  • The most common application of the plus construction is in algebraic K-theory.
  • An example of where this is used is in algebraic number theory in the theory of the different ideal.
  • Algebraic number fields and function fields over F q are further global fields.
  • Many algebraic structures have some operation which is called, or equivalent to, addition.
  • The work is now considered the foundation stone and basic reference of modern algebraic geometry.
  • The added structure must be compatible, in some sense, with the algebraic structure.
  • A similar definition can be made for certain other algebraic structures.
  • One sign of re-organization was the use of direct sums to describe algebraic structure.
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  • adjective Of or relating to algebra
    algebraic geometry