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  • Every division ring is therefore a division algebra over its center.
  • In general there may be different real forms of the same complex Lie algebra.
  • For history behind the names C*- and B*-algebras, see the history section below.
  • Progress for larger groups was slow, and the problem was considered an important one in algebra for some years.
  • Every state on a C*-algebra is of the above type.
  • This article gives a table of some common Lie groups and their associated Lie algebras.
  • That is, it is any model of the joint theory of both classes of algebras.
  • That is, one must have for all x and y in the algebra.
  • The 19th century saw the beginning of a great deal of abstract algebra.
  • When the field is taken to be real numbers R, then there are just six other real composition algebras.
  • This large amount of required computer capabilities explains the small number of general purpose computer algebra systems.
  • This solution can be found using any of the standard methods of linear algebra.
  • John attended the Laneast village school where he acquired some Greek and algebra.
  • To go beyond power set algebras we need another construct.
  • Nevertheless model theory can be seen as an extension of universal algebra.
  • The most important case is when such an algebra is a C*-algebra.
  • Computer algebra systems may be divided in two classes: the specialized ones and the general purpose ones.
  • Lie theory with its Lie groups and Lie algebras became one of the major areas of study.
  • This led to the development of a specific IS information algebra.
  • As an algebra over the field of real numbers, it is one of only seven such algebras.
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Meaning of algebra

  • noun The mathematics of generalized arithmetical operations