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  • In addition, certain species seem to show a preference for specific algal species.
  • Its continuing presence on their skin is believed to reduce algal growth.
  • In many algal species, increased lipid content is also observed under increased temperature.
  • Many red algal species produce different types of carrageenans during their developmental history.
  • As mentioned above, phycoerythrin can be found in a variety of algal species.
  • Further, the same algal species can occur in association with different fungal partners.
  • Others replaced their original chloroplast with a green algal derived one.
  • Algal blooms may also affect the species, but evidence is not yet available.
  • These lakes have low algal production, and consequently, often have very clear waters, with high drinking-water quality.
  • The dead zone may have been caused by low oxygen levels due to algal blooms.
  • Volemitol occurs as a free sugar in many plant and brown algal species.
  • Winter storms are another key factor in the amount of algal growth.
  • In summer algal blooms can cause snow and ice to appear red, green, orange, or grey.
  • The lake has regularly suffered from serious toxic algal blooms since its creation.
  • An algal origin was first proposed in 1961 and this has been confirmed by later work.
  • Algal blooms usually occur after hot weather and in the upper reaches of the river.
  • It has perhaps the largest algal ridge in the Indian Ocean.
  • The toxin content per cell increases when algal growth becomes P-limited.
  • The surface is often green from algal growth.
  • DOC may also be released into the environment by algal cells.
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  • adjective Of or relating to alga