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  • We started working at an algae farm because we were so broke.
  • High levels of blue-green algae are common on the lake surface.
  • There is some algae in the water if there has not been recent rain.
  • This particular feature is very unusual in land plants, but is common among algae.
  • This suggests they had a more recent origin than many other algae.
  • They are often found near water and have been observed feeding on algae.
  • They eat algae and dead or dying plants generally, so they can be useful.
  • The island has been invaded by some algae, some of which are now well established.
  • They are sometimes called blue-green algae even though they are prokaryotes.
  • They are sometimes called blue-green algae even though they are prokaryotes.
  • The table below describes the composition of the three major groups of algae.
  • Certain environmental conditions can lead to the algae spreading over large areas.
  • Species of this genus of algae may grow to a length of several metres.
  • Their host organisms are commonly known as the green algae and land plants.
  • The cause of this was said to be blue-green algae.
  • It is thought that the poor water quality is due to increased light and oxygen competition from algae.
  • Small green and red algae and animals occur, protected under these large brown algae.
  • Algae, like green plants, need both food and light.
  • For example ocean algae use bromine but land plants and animals seem to need none.
  • These fish are often purchased because of their algae-eating habits, though this role may not be carried out.
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