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  • The history of alchemy has become a significant and recognized subject of academic study.
  • Egypt also was a center of alchemy research for much of the western world.
  • Upon returning home, the two decide to try to bring their mother back to life with alchemy.
  • During his last years he was very interested in alchemy.
  • This was at a time when there was no clear distinction between alchemy and science.
  • McLean developed an interest in alchemy in his youth which has continued throughout his life.
  • Alchemy can be incorporated into song or album structure, cover art, and lyrics.
  • The organization has now taken this and Local Alchemy to six other countries through its international programme.
  • He also devoted a great deal of time to alchemy (see above).
  • This book focused on the inner alchemy practice techniques rather than the theory.
  • The medicine preparation had become a part of alchemy by the early modern period.
  • Alchemy is a hypothetical process once believed to turn ordinary elements into gold.
  • She started reading books about alchemy, which she found complicated because some books contradict others.
  • Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver.
  • Most boss battles also require use of alchemy in order to complete them.
  • His interests also included alchemy as well as the study of medicinal plants.
  • Despite these and other apparently extreme measures, alchemy did not die.
  • During their final two years, students are permitted to take more specialized subjects such as Alchemy.
  • As previously stated above, Chinese alchemy was more related to medicine.
  • Tea Alchemy uses green tea and traditional rice paper making methods to create green tea paper.
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Meaning of alchemy

  • noun A pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times