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  • Info An airliner is an airplane, usually large, used for transporting passengers and cargo. more...
  • The airliner never became widely used and the production line shut down after only three years.
  • The most popular types of aircraft to model are commercial airliners and military aircraft.
  • So the Dutch built airliner won the day and a large order over time.
  • If airliners went down in the sea, the secret could not have been kept for long.
  • All seven people died in the first-ever mid-air collision between airliners.
  • The development of the airliner has had a big effect on the wine business.
  • The airliner was planned to enter service some three years prior.
  • All seven crew and fifty-one passengers on board the airliner died.
  • This use fell off in the 1960s as airliners gained greater range.
  • The aircraft was similar to other contemporary airliners, but the construction was mixed.
  • In the following months, military aircraft of several countries competed for space with the civil airliners still operating.
  • Generally modern airliners are around long and the wing span is about the same.
  • He traveled all over the world before the days of airliners.
  • As demand grew, airliners became larger, further reducing the cost of air travel.
  • In commercial air travel, particularly in airliners, cabins may be divided into several parts.
  • If a long range airliner is tested, the flight tests may cover the whole world.
  • If a long range airliner is tested, the flight tests may cover the whole world.
  • The larger passenger-carrying types are the airliners, the largest of which are wide-body aircraft.
  • You'll get the contract to design the new airliners. Cited from The Black Star Passes, by John W Campbell
  • Among large airliners, the same model of aircraft can have more than one MTOW.
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  • noun A commercial airplane that carries passengers