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  • Info An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. more...
  • This turned out to be the high point in the airline's history.
  • Several airlines at one time had their head offices on the airport property.
  • However, soon after the sale, the airline's market value started going down.
  • The first French airlines were also established and began to offer competition for the same route.
  • Most airlines have small numbers but the following operate five or more aircraft:.
  • We would like to start training for the career of airline professional pilots.
  • The operation of low-cost airlines in Russia to date has not been met with success.
  • It is also the oldest airline in Asia still operating under its current name.
  • The airline then introduced measures to bring its P&L back into the black.
  • This made them a popular airline for travel between Europe and North America.
  • The airline's plan for a possible initial public offering was also revealed.
  • The airline was wholly owned by the two men for most of its existence.
  • All the previous airlines started regular operations well before World War II.
  • Airlines from a number of nations also provide air services to fly in and out of the country.
  • The airline's strong association with these island communities continues today.
  • Airlines have placed more orders for the type than all other variants combined.
  • That year also saw the airline open its first international route to Frankfurt.
  • Point Air was famous for its low prices, before the age of low-cost airlines.
  • Following that he served as the airline's executive vice president and chief corporate officer.
  • Over the next two years, the airline grew, as did its public visibility.
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  • noun A hose that carries air under pressure
  • noun A commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers