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  • Conducted air and ground training activities, airlifting personnel and cargo in support of active duty forces worldwide.
  • However, airlifting supplies costs up to ten times as much as transporting them through Pakistan.
  • France, the former colonial power, also assisted the operation by airlifting AU troops to the area.
  • They were supporting efforts by airlifting food, medical supplies, and providing heavy lift support for earth moving equipment to assist with recovery efforts.
  • The squadron supported these efforts by airlifting troops and supplies destined for Afghanistan.
  • Sand was removed from within the piles by airlifting and replaced with concrete.
  • Primarily, these included airlifting troops, reinforcements, supplies, and equipment into combat, and evacuating the wounded.
  • He was in charge of airlifting logistics operations in the Southern Air Command during the Gulf War.
  • Typically, this involves airlifting the required items between two airbases which are not in the same vicinity.
  • Pakistan responded by airlifting in two infantry divisions and reorganising their forces.
  • It conducted peacetime operations such as airlifting cargo, troops, personnel, patients, and mail.
  • They also have the job of airlifting supplies to villages isolated by winter, or transporting scientists to conduct remote research.
  • The wide cabin doors and cargo ramp ensure effective cargo handling and heavy airlifting of large items.
  • Aeromedical services are also on hand at the track for airlifting severely injured persons to local hospitals or trauma centers if necessary.
  • The Turkish government, however, allowed all humanitarian flights into and out of Turkey, such as the airlifting of wounded coalition forces.
  • The player can pilot the mech to any location on the map while shooting at enemy units, airlifting friendly ground vehicles, or placing purchase orders for more vehicles.
  • During major conflagrations, they will serve as support units, ferrying supplies and airlifting injured firefighters as well as routine water dropping.
  • The missions of the wing's aircrews include airlifting personnel and material worldwide as well as aerial refueling a wide variety of aircraft.
  • Initially, most of them concentrated on aerial refueling and airlifting American forces to the Persian Gulf region.
  • The UN had begun airlifting relief supplies in as of December 9.
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Root form of airlifting is airlift for the verb.

How airlifting gets used

Meaning of airlifting

  • verb Fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means
    Food is airlifted into Bosnia