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  • Aircraft which perform this role are considered strategic airlifters.
  • Aircraft which perform this role are referred to as tactical airlifters.
  • The Air Force airlifters generally shared these feelings and were proud of their roles in attaining what appeared to be peace with honor.
  • It complements other means of transport, such as strategic airlifters, in order to enhance a state's ability to project power.
  • Both airframes were then returned to standard C-123K configuration to serve again as airlifters.
  • Although it did not see service in a combat theater, it pioneered design innovations in American cargo aircraft, later incorporated in modern military cargo airlifters.
  • While they lack the speed and range of strategic airlifters (which are typically jet-powered), these capabilities are invaluable within war zones.
  • The Air Force established an immediate requirement for aerial refueling to become standard practice in MAC so that its airlifters could operate without forward bases, if necessary.
  • The architects of the task force identified the need for a small helicopter that could land in the most restrictive locations and could be easily transported on Air Force airlifters.
  • The 131st was re-equipped with C-130A Hercules tactical airlifters and returned to its transport mission.
  • Iraqis also by mistake shot down one of their own Il-76MD strategic airlifters with a SA-3 SAM.
  • These six airlifters are assigned to support the Strategic Brigade Airdrop mission of the XVIIIth Airborne Corps.
  • The 22d was equipped with new C-5A Galaxy heavy airlifters and returned to its previous mission of intercontinental air transport of personnel, supplies and equipment.
  • There, redesignated as the 7405th Operations Squadron, it acquired three heavily modified C-130E Hercules, airlifters in name only.
  • Gained by the USAF Air Mobility Command if federalize, the unit is an air transport organization flying C-130H Hercules tactical airlifters.
  • On 12 May 1968 airlifters in Vietnam had their finest hour as they were called upon to evacuate the camp at Kham Duc.
  • Attacking aircraft were frequently nearby trying to catch the airlifters while landing or on the ground, forcing pilots to hover in darkness until an all-clear was sounded and runway lights could be activated barely long enough to enable a speedy landing.
  • To get the soldiers to the fight, Air Mobility Command used C-17s and C-5 Galaxy airlifters to move the Army's air assault division into Afghanistan.
  • The command served as a training unit for medium-sized airlifters like the C-46 Commando and C-47 Skytrain which were used extensively in Korea and throughout the world.
  • This contrasts with tactical airlifters, such as the C-130 Hercules and Transall C-160, which can normally only move supplies within a given theater of operations.
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